About Scott 20 DFL

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Scott 20 DFL is an organizing party of Senate District 20 and Congressional District 2.¬†Precincts in Scott 20 include Belle Plaine, New Prague, and Elko New Market — as well as Cedar Lake, Helena, Blakely, Belle Plaine and New Market Townships.
+Learn about the MN DFL Caucus Structure
+The MN DFL Constitution explains the structure and objectives of the party
+There are vast differences between the DFL and Republican parties
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Meet the Scott 20 DFL Officers
Lisa Raines Precinct Chair Belle Plaine
Eric Undem 1st Vice Chair Belle Plaine
Jeanette Gloege 2nd Vice Chair Belle Plaine
Heidi Morlock Precinct Chair Belle Plaine Township
Nicole Adams Precinct Chair Elko New Market
Henry Marotske 1st Vice Chair Elko New Market
Julius Nammeh 2nd Vice Chair Elko New Market
Tom Lofgren Precinct Chair New Market Township
Veda Kanitz 1st Vice Chair New Market Township
Tami Sublette 2nd Vice Chair New Market Township
Catherine Kreger Precinct Chair New Prague P-2
Jessica Erickson 1st Vice Chair New Prague P-2
Gretchen Wessel Precinct Chair Helena Township
Jim O’Reilly Precinct Chair Blakely Township
Judy O’Reilly 1st Vice Chair Blakely Township
Vacant Precinct Chair Cedar Lake Township
Cary Coop Chair Belle Plaine
Veda Kanitz Vice Chair New Market Township
Gretchen Wessel Treasurer Helena Township
Sara Lofgren Secretary New Market Township
Raymond Knutson Outreach Officer Belle Plaine